Becker College student orientation program wins national award

Published on Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Becker College has received national recognition for the excellence of its new student orientation program. Becker’s Class of 2018 Expedition Program was awarded the National Orientation Directors Association (NODA)’s 2015 Innovative Program Award. The Expedition, which was developed and run by Becker’s Office of Campus Activities & Student Leadership Development during new student orientation in June 2014, allows new students to learn about the values and history of the College. The tour features six stations, each representing one of the College’s core values and led by a campus administrator from various college departments.

NODA is a national association that provides education, leadership and professional development in the fields of college student orientation, transition and retention. The Innovative Program Award is presented annually by NODA to a program or unique approach to a challenging situation and/or specific campus concern or need. This award seeks to recognize innovative and effective approaches that help university officials meet the changing needs on their campuses. It is also an opportunity to highlight good administrative and other practices and share different approaches to meeting student needs with colleagues at other institutions.

“Because Becker College is so mission-centered, it was critical to find an appropriate and appealing manner in which to engage our new students in learning about the College in a holistic and meaningful way,” said Nancy Crimmin, Becker’s vice president of student affairs. “The Expedition program is an exciting, informative, relevant, and fun program designed not only to introduce new students to the College’s core values and 230-year history, but also to provide them with a foundation to get the most from their collegiate experience.”

Becker’s Office of Campus Activities & Student Leadership Development was also invited to present at NODA’s annual conference about the Expedition program.