Becker College Fall Nursing Grads Pinned at New England Dream Center

Published on Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Graduating nurses from the Becker College nursing program will be pinned at a special ceremony on Friday September 15, 2006, 6:30 p.m., at the New England Dream Center, 5 Chestnut Street, Worcester. 

Twenty students, 18 women and two men, will receive pins on Friday evening. Originally an annual event, Becker now holds the pinning ceremony three times a year to accommodate additional graduating classes. Each class of nursing students participates in several community service projects. This year, the Becker nursing students have formed a partnership with the New England Dream Center.

The ancient tradition of pinning is said to have begun in the time of the Crusades, symbolizing a coat of arms worn by noblemen serving their king. Symbols of wisdom, strength, courage and faith appeared on buttons, badges and shields. It is believed to be this spirit that Florence Nightingale attempted to capture when she chose the Maltese cross as the symbol for the badge worn by graduates of her first nursing school.

The New England Dream Center is a faith-based organization that exists to provide assistance and supportive services to individuals and their families, who may be displaced, neglected, or abused. Located in the structure once hailed as the Cathedral of Worcester, and later destined for demolition, today this architectural wonder stands as “the epicenter of ministry and human service innovation.”