Natasha Garrepy `10

Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education

Profile picture of Natasha GarrepyNatasha Garrepy chose Becker’s early childhood education major because she always knew she wanted to work with children.  Her earliest jobs were those working with children, as a babysitter, an aide at an afterschool program at an elementary school, and as a summer camp counselor. Said Natasha “I enjoyed these jobs, I looked forward to these jobs and I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do these jobs.  It was obvious that teaching was the career that I should pursue.”

Natasha decided to attend Becker College because of its location, small class sizes, reputation and reasonable cost for a private four-year college. She initially attended a large university before transferring to Becker. Classes were held in auditoriums where Natasha was one of 350 students taking a course. “I was just a name,” said Natasha.  “At Becker, I wasn’t just a name, I was an individual with my own goals and ideas and my professors knew that.  They knew me and knew what I was capable of.” Natasha is a hands-on learner and it was important to her that she gain plenty of experience prior to getting a full-time job in the early-education field.  “I learn best when I have experiences that I can think about and reflect on, as well as get other opinions on how I can better myself in my field.”

Natasha now works at the Worcester Community Action Council’s (WCAC) Head Start program in Southbridge, MA as a lead preschool teacher.  Because of her Becker education, WCAC was aware that Natasha would have experience in the Worcester Public Schools and working with ESL students.  When interviewing for the position, Natasha had a portfolio showcasing lesson plans she had written and implemented in the classroom.  Said Natasha, “At Head Start, I work with a very diverse group of children who either come from low income families, are in foster care, are abused, have been abused, speak only Spanish, speak both English and Spanish, and/or have special needs.” She continued, “It’s the hardest, most emotional but most rewarding job I’ve ever had.  Not only am I doing something that I love, but I’m making a difference in these children’s lives.”

Natasha is also attending Worcester State University for her master’s degree in moderate special needs.  She has a license in early childhood education and plans on getting her license in special needs and elementary education.  She eventually hopes to open her own preschool and pursue her doctorate in education. After such a great collegiate experience at Becker, Natasha also plans to one day teach education at the college level.