I-Lab Team Membership & Committee Charges

Global Citizenship I-Ops

In October 2013, the I-Lab (Laboratory) Team transitioned to a smaller tactical team, the Special I-Ops (Operations) Team.  This team is drawn from the executive group of the I-Lab Steering Committee, some of the existing members of the full committee, as well as some new members from key constituencies that directly impact global citizenship.  The I-Ops Team works to advance Global Citizenship initiatives, including but not limited to functional aspects of international student recruitment and services, partnerships, Education Abroad, setting up volunteer staffing of the Center for Global Citizenship, and the ACE site visit at the end of January 2014.

I-Ops Steering Committee

  • Kevin Mayne, chair
  • Debbie Pallatto-Fontaine, Faculty Liaison
  • Michelle Fatcheric, International Student Services

I-Ops Team

  • Dan Chapman
  • Michelle Fatcheric
  • Kevin Finkelstein
  • Sandy Lashin-Curewitz
  • Kevin Mayne
  • Debbie Pallatto-Fontaine
  • Paul Prewitt-Freilino
  • Jake Sanders

Global Citizenship I-Lab Steering Committee

  • Chair: Kevin Mayne
  • Chair, Teaching and Curriculum Subcommittee (includes Education Abroad): Debbie Pallatto-Fontaine
  • Chair, Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement: Jake Sanders
  • Chair, Communications and Resource Development: Patty Patria
  • Chair, Campus Culture (includes International Students): Dave Bousquet
  • Paul Prewitt-Freilino
  • Anne Sroka

Global Citizenship I-Lab Subcommittees and Subcommittee Charges