Becker Welcomes Class of 2020 at Convocation

Published on Monday, August 29th, 2016


This week Becker College greeted the largest class of new students for the fifth consecutive year in its history. On Sunday, the class of 2020 received a rousing welcome from fellow students, faculty, administrators, and staff at Fall Convocation on the Leicester campus.

“With change, comes great responsibility,” said leader of the Student Government Advisory Board, MacGregor Howey ’18, setting the tone for the big change from high school to college. He encouraged the new students to employ a philosophy that would help them get ahead—commit to consistent, daily tasks—as laid out in the book, The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success, by Jeff Olsen. “Be conscious of every decision you make,” Howey said.

Prof. Anna Titova exhorted the new class to “Enjoy learning, enjoy being curious, and enjoy your achievements. We will share our knowledge with you, but we will also learn from you; you may think of something no one has thought of yet.”

In his signature, spirited Convocation address, Becker College President Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. urged students to develop the Agile Mindset—the creative edge that a Becker education offers its students. A set of four uniquely human skills, the Agile Mindset employs divergent thinking; empathy; an entrepreneurial outlook; and social and emotional intelligence.

“I want you to remember one word,” he said. “Agility.”

He went on to give the students a method to remember that word: “Take an A and aspire, take a G and always be genuine, take an I and be introspective, take an L and learn to keep learning, take another I and inquire, take a T and trust yourself, and take a Y and yearn for what you want most.”

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Read “The University Class of 2020: An Agile Mindset Imperative,” co-authored by President Johnson and Heather McGowan.