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My Week in Atheism is a film about a friendship caught between the two opposing worldviews of atheism and Christianity. As a devout Christian and an atheist activist travel together to secular conventions, university campuses, and a live talk show, they struggle to maintain a close friendship while protecting their beliefs. Exploring discussions with a few atheists along the way they find that while they may have many differences they are open to dialogue and this inevitably leads to discovery.

Currently residing in California, John Christy, a native of Worcester, is the creator and producer of the documentary. He will explain his project, show clips from the film, then hold a Q & A session.

DVD reviews from Amazon.com:

“As a fundamentalist Christian who became an atheist later in life I thoroughly enjoyed this raw and honest look at atheism through a Christian viewpoint.”

I am an atheist but I appreciated the courage John must have in order to make this. Very insightful and refreshing to see a theist realize that atheists are not bad people! Wonderfully done.”

A co-creation between a Christian and an atheist, MWIA had the potential to be an unbiased and calm look into both paradigms. I am elated to say, unreservedly, that this was achieved.”

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Come, see part of the film, and join (or just listen to) the discussion afterwards. Whether your beliefs line up with Christianity, atheism, or somewhere else entirely, the conversation is sure to be invigorating and challenging.

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