Mathematics Education Seminar #1


Faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend the first mathematics education seminar:

Understanding Abstract Concepts in the Context of Abstract Algebra

Mathematics is a science of numbers, quantity, and space.  All of the listed components are abstract ideas.  How do we learn abstraction?  During this seminar I will share my ideas and findings on the formation of abstract thought.

As a group, we will look at abstract ideas formation as being a shift from abstract to concrete. We will discuss this theoretical proposition based on students’ interpretations of and manipulations with elementary abstract algebra concepts. You will see examples of an abstract thought formation and analysis of common misconceptions.  We will also discuss what can be done to help students better understand and manipulate mathematical objects.

This will be an opportunity for you to share questions that will stimulate further research and implications.  Who knows, maybe if we better understand the process of learning we can become better learners and teachers!

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Anna Titova, Ph.D.


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