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VTSC3401 Pathophysiology of Disease

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: VTSC3401

Credits: 3

Term: Fall

About the Course:

Presented in an organ system format, this course provides a comparative approach to animal health and disease of the major domestic animal species. Eight major systems will be explored (integumentary, musculoskeletal, neurosensory, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, renal and reproductive). The anatomy and physiology shared by all animals is reviewed with the comparative differences emphasized. Clinical signs of organ dysfunction, pathophysiology, diagnostic tests and treatment/prevention strategies are discussed using examples of selected important diseases. The course instructor assumes that the student has prior knowledge of basic physiological principles, common diagnostic procedures, and common therapeutic practices in veterinary medicine. Prerequisites: BIOL1005 and BIOL1006 OR BIOL2503 and BIOL2504.  Meets the requirement for Science for Biology elective.

Course offered: Fall.

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