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PSYC3301 The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: PSYC3301

Credits: 3

Term: Fall

About the Course:

This course is split into two sections; Core Functions of Counseling and Group Treatment. The course provides the student with the 12 core functions of addiction counseling and gives the student the fundamentals of running groups for addicted clients. The intent of introducing students to the core functions is to help them develop skills and competencies that will help them learn how to take clients through the treatment process from screening and intake, to treatment planning and counseling, ending with referral (if needed). The class will also introduce the student to the most widely used modality in substance abuse treatment, the group. We will explore the transtheoretical model of behavior change which is widely viewed as the evidence based modality that consistently produces positive outcomes. Prerequisite: PSYC1001. Meets the requirement for Psychology and Social Science elective.

Course offered: Fall.

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