NURS4002 Community Health Nursing

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: NURS4002

Credits: 3

About the Course:

During this course, the student will apply the concepts learned in previous nursing courses to the role of the baccalaureate nurse in the community. Students will explore the physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual dimensions of health issues impacting community health on a local level. This course provides instruction and support to students as they develop, refine and carry out a community health assessment and health improvement project. The clinical assignment involves assessment/analysis of a community health issue in the student’s local community, evaluation of services in that community to address the issue, and creation of a health improvement project designed to address the identified community health issue. Nursing department approval is required prior to the student starting the assignment. A grade of C+ or better is required in nursing courses to continue in the Nursing Program. Pre and co-requisite courses must be taken as outlined in the Becker College RN-BSN curriculum plan.