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NURS3001 Foundations of Baccalaureate Nursing Practice

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: NURS3001

Credits: 3

About the Course:

This course explores the historical, philosophical, and theoretical foundations of baccalaureate nursing practice. Emphasis is placed on professional nursing standards and guidelines, the development of nursing knowledge, and the role of nursing theory in directing nursing practice. Students will focus on developing a personal philosophy of nursing, review of evidence that supports the theoretical foundations of nursing practice, and an in-depth analysis of nursing theory that can be applied to their personal nursing practice. Open to students enrolled in the RN-BSN program. A grade of C+ or better is required in nursing courses to continue in the Nursing program. Pre and co-requisite courses must be taken as outlined in the Becker College RN-BSN curriculum plan.

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