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MATH3305 Linear Algebra

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: MATH3305

Credits: 3

About the Course:

Topics include systems of linear equations, Row Reduction and Echelon Forms, Matrices and Matrix Algebra, Inverse Matrices, Determinants and Permutations; Cramer Rule, Vector Spaces and Subspaces, Linear Transformations, Matrix of a Linear Transformation; Linear Independence, Bases for Vector Spaces, Dimension, Matrix Rank, Inner Products (dot products), Orthogonality, Cross Products, Gram Schmidt Method; Eigenvectors, Eigenvalues, Eigenspaces of a Matrices, Matrix Diagonalization, Polar Coordinate Systems, especially 3D polar space, 4×4 Matrices and Perspective Projection, Rotations in 3 dimensions including Euler Angles. Some applications of linear algebra will be discussed, such as computer graphics and linear regression (least squares). Prerequisites and Requirements: MATH2202 or MATH2105. This course is highly recommended for majors in sciences, especially computer-science oriented majors.

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