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LGLS3292 Conflict Resolution

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: LGLS3292

Credits: 3

Term: Fall, Spring

About the Course:

Conflict arises when people working together have different ideas about how to achieve desired objectives. Most conflict can be traced back to element of uncertainty. Negotiation is one of the best ways to manage the risks that result from uncertainty. This course will examine the nature of negotiation as a means of resolving conflict and minimizing risks. The course will explore negotiation skills such as: (1) separate the people from the problem, (2) use objective data, (3) focus on interests, not positions, and, (4) determine mutually acceptable options. The goal of any negotiation process is to arrive to a win-win solution. Meets the requirement for Criminal Justice elective.

Course offered: Fall, Spring.

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