JUST2815 Critical Infrastructure Protection

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: JUST2815

Credits: 3

About the Course:

This course provides an introduction to the policy, strategy, and practical application of critical infrastructure security and resilience (CISR) from an all-hazards perspective. This course will review the eleven classifications of critical infrastructure as well as the Nation’s Key Assets as defined by the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7. The nation’s historical recognition of the need for critical infrastructure protection (CIP) prior to 9-11 and after will be reviewed, as well as the evolution of HLS policy and the approach to CIP. Particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of vulnerability analysis, risk assessment, security planning, and the idea of critical infrastructure resilience. Students will systematically review all of the infrastructure categories to establish a general understanding of their scope, ownership, vulnerabilities, current status, and focus issues. Prerequisites: JUST1200, JUST1100 OR LGLS1100