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HUMN2401 Elements of Japanese Culture

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: HUMN2401

Credits: 3

Term: Spring

About the Course:

A number of central phenomena in the Japanese cultural history are studied, from concepts of ancient aesthetics to animation styles and techniques, such as anime, and art forms, such as manga and video games, which are so much a part of modern and contemporary popular Japanese culture. The video games, anime and manga are employed as vehicles to develop students’ awareness of Japanese culture, past and present, but particularly contemporary culture. In addition, the contemporary image of Japan, as seen by other cultures is discussed within a framework of the history which shaped it, for example, the effect Hiroshima and World War II has had on Japanese art and culture. Rudiments of Japanese language are also covered as required to gain a more critical understanding of various other cultural elements. Emphasis is placed on exploring Japanese popular culture in a historical, social and literary context. This course meets the requirements for a global awareness/diversity elective. Meets the requirement for Interactive Media Program and Global Awareness elective.

Course offered: Spring.

Summer hours: 9 am-4 pm. Closed Fridays through August 7. --- COVID-19 Communications and FAQs.Click here