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EXSC3105 Nutrition

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: EXSC3105

Credits: 3

Term: Fall, Spring

About the Course:

This course helps students to understand the processes involved in nourishing the body. It includes the study of nutrients, their physiological functions, and their interrelationship within the body. Course content and materials focus on the importance of making food choices that minimize the risks of developing nutrition-related diseases. The course uses the United States Department of Agriculture’s most current Dietary Guidelines for Americans in order to help students identify the characteristics of a nutritious diet. This course also offers opportunities for students to examine and discuss the value of and scientific basis for consuming various dietary substances promoted in the media. Examples include antioxidants, dietary supplements, and ergogenic aids. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Meets the requirement for Science for Biology elective and Science elective.

Course offered: Fall, Spring.

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