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EQST2002 Principles of Riding Instruction II

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: EQST2002

Credits: 3

Term: Fall, Spring

About the Course:

This course involves intermediate equitation, building on previous experience, including lateral movements and skills necessary to maneuver a jump course. Students begin to learn how to teach a rider to correct their horse and adjust to different situations. The basic differences between teaching an individual versus group lessons are discussed. The course will include lecture and riding time (2 hour lecture and 1-2 hour lab). Students may be required to assist in equitation and riding electives offered by the College. Prerequisite: EQST2001. Students who are not Equine Studies or Equine Management majors will be charged an additional fee of $1,000 for this course.

Meets the requirement for Equine elective. Course offered: Fall, Spring.

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