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ENGL3100 Obsession & Violence in Shakespearean Drama & Film

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: ENGL3100

Credits: 3

Term: Varies

About the Course:

This course examines the profound cultural, social, religious, and gender anxieties of the half-century between 1580 and 1630, anxieties that were manifested in dramas by Shakespeare and his contemporaries; these plays are replete with violence, sexual assaults, murders. The readings will include cultural background to the dramas — the violence of royal power (Elizabeth I’s murderous road to succession, James I’s witch hunts), the obsession for control in matters of religion, morality, sexuality, and women. The texts of plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries will also be paired for analysis of the influence of one dramatist on another, the treatment of the theme of violence and obsession. Film adaptations will serve to study the impact of changes made to a text when it is remade into film. Course work includes weekly papers, four online discussion forums on assigned topics, oral presentations, an annotated bibliography for a research topic, a longer paper (c. 20 pages) about one of the plays read and its relation to theatrical or cultural context. Prerequisites: CORE-ENGL and ENGL1003.

Meets the requirement for Humanities elective. Course offered: Varies.

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