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ENGL2405 Leadership & Literature

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: ENGL2405

Credits: 3

Term: Varies

About the Course:

This course studies various forms of literature (novels, short stories, drama, nonfiction essay) as well as films all focused on the theme of leadership. By looking at different examples of moral, visionary, innovative and controversial leadership, we shall seek answers to some of the following questions: what are the characteristics and responsibilities of a leader? How might we define a just leader? Under what circumstances might a leader ignore the will of his/her subjects or employees? When and how does a leader become a tyrant or ineffective? And, by the same token, when are subjects justified in opposing or challenging a leader? What are the barriers for women and minorities in becoming leaders? Students shall also have the opportunity to investigate and analyze local and contemporary examples of leadership. Prerequisites: CORE-ENGL and ENGL1003.

Meets the requirement for Humanities elective. Course offered: Varies.

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