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ANSC3402 Lab Animal Technical Methods II

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: ANSC3402

Credits: 4

Term: Spring

About the Course:

This is a continuation of ANSC3401 and concentrates on guinea pigs, cats, rabbits as well as hamsters, gerbils, and other non-traditional small research animals. Livestock species such as sheep, goats and pigs will also be covered. This course continues to focus on technical diagnostic techniques including sample collection. In addition, advanced research methodologies will be examined, including studies and models for various protocols. Record keeping is emphasized as well as technical writing. The lecture consists of 3 hours per week and the laboratory component is 2 hours per week. Some off-campus laboratory sessions may be required. Students are again expected to participate in the regularly scheduled husbandry rotations with the program laboratory animals. Prerequisite: ANSC3401.

Course offered: Spring.

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