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ANSC3401 Lab Animal Technical Methods I

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: ANSC3401

Credits: 4

Term: Fall

About the Course:

This series of courses is designed to give the student a basic knowledge of the major species of animals used in biomedical research. Topics include genetics and breeding as they relate to laboratory animal colony management, proper maintenance of healthy and sterile lab environments, laboratory safety and quality assurance issues as well as advanced handling and technical diagnostic techniques. Common laboratory animal diseases, pharmacology, and surgical nursing techniques are presented as they apply to this population. Recognition of normal status as well as signs of abnormal through physical examination, lab values, and observation of behavior is covered. The first semester focuses on rats, mice, dogs, fish and non-human primates. The lecture consists of 3 hours per week and laboratory component is 2 hours per week. Some off-campus laboratory sessions may be required. Students are required to participate in regularly scheduled husbandry rotations with the program laboratory animals. Prerequisites: ANSC2000 or VTSC2000.

Course offered: Fall.

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