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ANSC2403 Equine Nutrition

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CRS Acad Level: UG

Course #: ANSC2403

Credits: 3

Term: Spring

About the Course:

A discussion of the nutritional needs of horses, including requirements for growth, work, and reproduction, as well as dietary formulation and management of horses with special needs. This includes a review of the digestive anatomy and physiology, discussion of nutrients and their functions, sources of these nutrients for equine diets, and formulation of diets specific to horses. Also included are ration balancing and evaluation of forage and feed quality, as well as the diseases associated with poor nutrition. Students are required to formulate a specific feeding regimen. Prerequisites: ANSC2701 or BIOL1005, BIOL1006.
Meets the requirement for Science and Equine elective and Science elective for Biology. Course offered: Spring.

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