The Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship launches a new era at Becker College. It brings together in one location the resources and services to fully develop the knowledge and skills students need to succeed in a world where change is the only constant. The Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship serves as the epicenter of innovation, entrepreneurship, learning agility, leadership, and problem-solving on the Becker campus – dedicated to empowering the next generation of students to thrive in what futurist Jeremy Rifkin calls “The Third Industrial Revolution.

Housed in the College’s historic property at 80 William Street, Worcester, the Barrett Center opened in January 2018. It offers every student access to a range of activities that develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a challenging, evolving marketplace. It is the headquarters for distinctive elements of a Becker education.

Throughout their time at Becker, students learn to apply divergent thinking skills and innovation to direct their own future and to benefit society as a whole. The Colleen C. Berrett Center and its resources support the institution-wide commitment to developing the Agile Mindset in all graduates. As the focal point for a number of strategic initiatives, it will connect corporations, nonprofits, and other enterprises with faculty and students in entrepreneurial, innovative, and collaborative partnerships.

Included within the Barrett Center:

  • MassDiGI @ Becker College is a statewide center for academic cooperation, entrepreneurship, and economic development in the digital and video games industry.
  • MassDiGI New Ventures Center is an incubator space to support video game, app, and high-tech student startups and to assist in economic development and job creation throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Game Design Studio, Virtual Reality/Augmented Room (AR/VR), and Esports.
  • Yunus Social Business Centre @ Becker is the first in the United States and allows students to gain experience and knowledge in social business practices.
  • Women’s Emergent Leadership Institute is designed to develop both female and male entrepreneurial leaders.

The Center was made possible by the visionary gift of Colleen Barrett ’64, president emeritus of Southwest Airlines. She gave a the College a $1 million gift to create and name the Colleen C. Barrett Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The College held an Open House for the Campus Community on January 24, 2018.

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On March 28, 2018, a Grand Opening Celebration (including a ribbon-cutting ceremony) was held to express gratitude to Colleen C. Barrett and other donors.

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