Becker Police hold training exercises

Becker Police hold training exercises

Published on: June 27, 2018

Members of the Becker College Police Department recently participated in active shooter training. The training was facilitated by the Worcester Police Department, and took place on two days in June.

On the first day, the training exercises were held in Colton Hall. The unoccupied residence hall allowed police to apply techniques, both learned and new, in a typical Becker College building. On the second day, training was held at the vacant Worcester County Jail in West Boylston. This space allowed officers to apply techniques involving a long hallway and a more open building, the type of building often seen on the news. Because Becker College has both types of buildings, it was beneficial to train in both.

As more active shooter incidents occur, Becker’s police officers are working to improve tactics and response to not only end an event quickly, but also minimize the impact on the college.

The Becker College Police Department holds active shooter training multiple times a year in multiple formats. Those formats include dynamic scenarios, like those held recently, as well as classroom and electronic based training.

Members of the Becker Police Department want to be aware and trained on current tactics, as well as train with the surrounding agencies ― including the Leicester Police Department, Worcester Police Department and other college police departments ― in order to provide the best possible service to the community.