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Becker College is ranked #1 for gamers

Becker College is ranked #1 for gamers

Published on: April 16, 2020

Becker College students playing and creating gamesBecker College has been recognized as the top school in the country for gamers.

According to College Magazine, Becker is the number one college in the U.S. for “savvy technology, career opportunities and school clubs and events for gamers at every level.” The publication is a national daily guide to campus life written by students for students.

“We have a world-class gaming culture. It is part of our ecosystem across all of Becker College,” said Alan Ritacco, Ph.D., dean of the School of Design & Technology.

For those with an interest in a career in gaming, Becker offers everything from gaming tournaments to demo nights. For those interested in the creative process, Becker has game jams, pitch contests, art exhibits, and much more. In addition, the College has a very competitive varsity esports team.

“One of our goals at Becker is to help support the greatest, most welcoming gaming and game development community in the world,” Timothy Loew, general manager of Becker’s eports program, is quoted as saying in the story.

Becker College received praise for its wide variety of programs that provide students with both knowledge and experience. The College offers a number of game-related programs including esports management, game arts, game audio, game design, game development and programming, and game production and management.

Students at Becker are given opportunities to intern with leaders in the gaming community, allowing them gain real-world experience, hone their skills, and jump-start future careers. In addition, the College integrates gaming into other fields, through partnerships with nonprofits, government agencies, healthcare organizations and others.

To read the College Magazine article, go to To learn more about Becker College’s School of Design & Technology, visit Visit the Becker College site on Twitch at @BeckerCollege.

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