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Becker professor publishes “The Book of Esports”

Becker professor publishes “The Book of Esports”

Published on: August 12, 2020

Cover of The Book of Esports

William Collis

William Collis

The first definitive book on esports, written by William Collis, is now available in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. Collis is an adjunct professor in Becker College’s School of Design & Technology. “The Book of Esports” was published by Rosetta Books in August 2020.

“This book was a labor of love,” said Collis, who is also a successful esports entrepreneur and co-founder of both Oxygen Esports and Gamer Sensei. “If it weren’t for Becker College’s support during the writing process, I’m not sure it would have happened at all.”

“The Book of Esports” features interviews from the biggest names in the industry. It provides a comprehensive history of esports and an overview of the modern competitive gaming ecosystem, and introduces explanatory frameworks that predict how the industry will evolve. It is the perfect companion book to college courses that cover esports, video games, or modern evolutions in sports and entertainment.

“Becker College really gets esports,” said Collis. “Simply put, if you have a passion for video games, it’s the place to be. Teaching at Becker proved inspirational for the book.

Becker is home to a long-standing esports club, the first varsity esports program in Massachusetts, and the nation’s first degree program in esports management. Well known for its undergraduate game design program—ranked #2 in the world—Becker’s rise into esports prominence has attracted attention from national major media outlets like CBS, Fox Business, and PBS, as well as international news outlets.

The College’s esports management program enrolled its first students in the fall of 2019. Since then, growing interest has resulted in further expansion of esports on campus, including the addition of a second esports lab as well as the development of an associated content creation program.

“‘The Book of Esports’ was first taught at Becker College, as I’ve been evolving its frameworks and theories in conjunction with my students,” Collis said. ”The input from my classes proved invaluable in shaping the book. For example, one of the text’s most important frameworks, covering esports monetization strategies, was entirely reworked based on the insightful comments of Becker students. It was an enormous help to have such collaborative input from the talented student body.”

“Our goal is to create not just an esports team or academic program, but to foster a real community,” said Alan Ritacco, Ph.D., dean of the School of Design & Technology. “A key to doing that is to have experts like William Collis involved. This is another first for Becker as we continue our role as academic thought leaders in video game design, esports, and more.”

For more information about esports at Becker, please visit becker esports. To learn more about the programs offered by Becker College’s School of Design & Technology, go to Becker College/Design & Technology.

“The Book of Esports” is available wherever books are sold, including For more information about the book, visit

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