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Game design, esports camps, Fortnite tournament planned

Game design, esports camps, Fortnite tournament planned

Published on: June 12, 2019

A student in last year’s STEAM Camp at Becker College shows off the solar-powered robot she created using recycled materials.

A student in last year’s STEAM Camp at Becker College shows off the solar-powered robot she created using recycled materials.

This summer Becker College is offering several opportunities to learn more about the gaming industry and esports management, as well as a chance to compete to be the College’s first ever Fortnite Champion.

STEAM Camp for Girls

Becker College is hosting a video game summer camp for seventh and eighth grade girls from inner city and rural parts of New England. The goal of the ForEach (For Each Girl to Reach) STEAM camp, which runs from June 24-28, is to inspire a love of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) and to help turn that passion into a career path.

Participants will learn to design, create and build games. They also will learn the fundamentals of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Design, Modeling, and electronics.

Each girl will receive a free Android tablet to take home, which they will use during the program to produce and operate their games.

The camp will be led by Becker’s female faculty and recent graduates, and current students will serve as mentors.

Summer Game Studio
Becker College’s summer game studio camp will be held from July 6– July 20 on the Worcester campus. The program is designed to introduce high school students to all aspects of game development including: game design; game art and animation; motion capture; programming; sound; testing; and production.

Participants will live in a residence hall and work in the new state-of-the-art Colleen C. Barrett Center on Becker’s Worcester Campus.

Students will collaborate to build original game projects. Using the same curriculum as Becker’s video game major, students in the studio will work side-by-side in a creative cohort that stresses the importance of team-work and creative collaboration.

At the end of the studio, students will have completed a portion of a fully functional video game that will be showcased for local professionals. In addition, each will receive a mobile app development kit, including a tablet to take home at the end of the program.

Esports Management Camp
Becker College’s esports management camp for high school students will be held from July 16– 18 on the Worcester campus. Becker College faculty with real-life experience in the esports industry will teach the program. Various guest speakers and industry professionals will participate in some of the activities.

The esports industry encompasses careers in gaming, technology, professional sports management, public relations, creative writing, content production, broadcasting, sales, advertising and various STEM and business-related fields. Esports industry growth is currently outpacing the availability of trained executives suitable to fill all the new jobs that are available now and in the near future.

Students who attend the esports management camp will gain a competitive advantage in learning about the multitudes of jobs that will need to meet the demands of the industry’s growth.

Fortnite Championship
Think you have what it takes to be the last one standing? On July 12, high school students will have the opportunity to compete to be Becker College’s first ever Fortnite Champion.

The day will start with a short Q&A session followed by a practice period, including free play with coaching. After a break for lunch, participants will play a series of private games. Only event attendees will be allowed to participate.

The tournament (game play only) will be streamed on Twitch, to allow friends and families the ability to watch. A link for that stream will be provided prior to the start of the event.

The tournament will be open to all high school students who have an interest in playing Fortnite. However, space is limited and reservations are required.

For more information about any of these summer programs or events, please contact Donald Desrochers by phone at 781.526.2525 or via email at

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