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Becker esports team highlighted

Becker esports team highlighted

Published on: January 10, 2020

Members of Becker College's varsity Overwatch team scrimmage in the Barrett Center on the College's Worcester campus.

Members of Becker College’s varsity Overwatch team scrimmage in the Barrett Center on the College’s Worcester campus.

Becker College’s varsity Overwatch team took center stage in a recently-published Experience Magazine story about esports.

The story, “Forget football. Video games are the next big college sport,” opens from the perspective of Becker’s Overwatch coach, Nick “Shifty” Travis, giving a pep talk to the members of College’s varsity team before a match, and expands to discuss the growth and mainstream acceptance of esports.

As the story notes, the collegiate esports scene has undergone a great deal of growth in recent years. Colleges across the country and the world — including Becker College — are offering esports programs.  They’re also recruiting players, offering esports scholarships, and building esports facilities.

In addition to varsity esports, Becker is home to an esports club and a first in the nation esports management degree.

To read the Experience Magazine article, click on the following link:

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