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Cooper to present case study at AZVT conference

Cooper to present case study at AZVT conference

Published on: June 11, 2020

Corynn Cooper

Corynn Cooper

Becker College student Corynn Cooper has been awarded a scholarship to attend and present a paper at the Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians (AZVT) conference this fall. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in veterinary science, with a concentration in veterinary technology, and plans to graduate in May 2021.

“I am nervous and excited to share my findings with an audience eager to hear what I have to say,” Cooper said.

“I’m so proud of her hard work which was completely apart from her spring coursework,” said Becker College Professor and veterinarian Gillian Fraser.

Cooper will be presenting a case study about a goose that had dyspnea or difficulty breathing. She worked with the animal during an externship at Tufts Cummings Veterinary Medical Center.

“The case had an interesting history which led the veterinary staff to test for diseases that can cause difficulty breathing in avian species,” Cooper said.  “While assisting with the case I learned about a fungus that is known for causing respiratory distress in birds. In addition, I spent time researching potential causes from cancers, lesions, and toxic materials.”

Copper learned about the AZVT Laurie Page-Peck Scholarship through Becker College.

“One of the great things about the Animal Studies Department is that they post opportunities for students to apply for scholarships and internships,” she said. “I sent my abstract in March of 2020 and the selection committee for the conference asked me to write a paper.  After I sent in a few drafts of my paper, I received word that I had been selected as the winning applicant.”

The scholarship pays expenses of up to $1,500 for the winner to attend the AZVT conference in Virginia and present their paper.

“The conference is not until October, so I have some time to prepare,” Cooper said. “Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I will not be presenting in person. The conference will be held virtually.”

Still, Cooper is excited about winning the scholarship, and happy that she chose to attend Becker College.

“Becker was a good choice for me based on the vet tech program and the small size,” she said. “Becker allowed me to design my education in a way the best suited me. Not only have I exceeded my limitations, but Becker has helped me to become the best veterinary technician I can be.”

Cooper said she also enjoys the rural setting of the Leicester campus where classes are held for Becker’s School of Animal Studies and Natural Sciences.

“Upon visiting the Leicester campus, I fell in love with the scenery and peace of a small, quiet town,” Cooper said. “Growing up in a large city in California, I longed for the quiet and Becker provided it. And, as anyone will tell you, the Lenfest Animal Health Center is a major bonus for animal majors like myself.”

Cooper already has plans for what she’d like to do after graduation.

“What I would really love to do is work with marine mammals,” she said. “I have a few years of experience working with California Sea Lions at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California. However, I will need a few years of clinical experience under my belt. I am thinking about working at an emergency hospital or a general practice facility.”

Meanwhile, she is happy with the education she is receiving and the opportunities her Becker education is providing.

“I had always heard Tufts was a competitive place to be accepted into, and I found that many technicians working in the emergency room graduated from Becker,” she said. “Sometimes it is a matter of finding the right people to lead you to the right doors. “

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