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Becker students launch game

Becker students launch game

Published on: August 3, 2020

Beat the Machine logoWhen Joseph Frangiosa ’20 first arrived at Becker College, he had an idea. Working with peers and School of Design & Technology faculty, that idea evolved over his college career and became “Beat the Machine,” an exciting top-down, arcade-style game which launched earlier this month on Steam, the popular PC title storefront.

“When I entered Becker College I had a dream that I wanted to achieve; I wanted to make games that inspired me to become a game developer,” said Frangiosa. “I grew up with a SEGA Genesis and the original PlayStation, and loved games that had the typical arcade art style. My freshman year we were tasked with creating a simple game design document and, lo and behold, I created the first iteration of what became Beat the Machine.”

In the game, the goal is to defeat T.O.M. and his minions by fighting through virus-infested levels to save the machine. Team members include Frangiosa along with Andrew Beaulieu ’20, Nic Lee ’20, Zack Ziskin ’20, Michael Folina ’20, Victoria Yong ’20, Reese Fowler ’22, Jacob Siegel ’21, Adam McEvoy ‘19, Arthur Saffo ’21MFA, David Woodford ’20, Brandon Coulombe ’21, and Morgan Jones ’22.

“Beat the Machine turned from a simple idea into this full-fledged game with 25 levels, and there’s no way we could have done it without the help of so many individuals who helped turned this project into a reality,” Frangiosa said.

Beat the Machine was greenlit as a Game Studio project by Professor Ezra Cove and was a shown at PAX East 2020 earlier this year in Boston.

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