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Becker College Announces Game Jam Winners

Becker College Announces Game Jam Winners

Published on: October 28, 2020

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Coming together as a creative community under the direction of Terrasa Ulm, associate professor of game development, and Amanda Theinert, director of the MFA program, Becker College held a virtual Game Jam October 16-18. More than 80 students and alumni participated in the event, working in teams of one to four, for the collective goal of making fun, October-themed games with lots of original content. During this time of COVID seclusion, events such as the Jam allowed students to interact in ways that help develop a deeper level of collaboration and interaction. Each team did a game demo on Twitch: Becker Oct Jam Stream.

“The goals for Becker’s October game jam were to have a fun time, release some creative energy, and bring us together as a supportive community,” explained Ulm, who added, “Objectives achieved!”

First prize:

Hoovering Halloween by team Cult of Mr. Blobby

Ben Clingen, Greg Bonini, James Nunes, Nick Rioux


Second prize:

Spooky’s Candy Adventure by team Send HELP

Kaylin Beck, John Suereth

Spooky's Candy Adventure graphic

Third prize:

Cult-de-Sac by team One Missed Call

Irvin Rivas, Janel Fernandes, Juliann Duquette, Forest White

Cult-de-Sac Graphic

Other submissions included: 

Trick or Treat Mystery

Team Members: Dave Cordeiro ’15, Dan Flanagan ’15, Becca Axworthy, Megan Tims

Trick or Treat Mystery graphic

Halloween Street Simulator

Sean Sarmiento

Halloween Street Simulator graphic


Gun Fights  

Benny Coan-Nixon


Disperse the Curse

Team Members: Kaylin Canon, Julian Vail, Carly Mota

Disperse the Curse graphic

Hand Flipper 2020

Tristan Sistare

Hand Flipper graphic

Pumpkin Shooter

Noah Dienel

Pumpkin Shooter graphic

C-Rush Street

Jacob Siege

C-Rush Street graphic

Fright Night

Team Members: Mitchell Tomsik, Jacob Geiger

Fright Night graphic

Halloween Jam

Team Members: Camden Gamlin, Ashley O’Handly, Anthony Papetti

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