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Christine Peters '10

Turning a Passion for Animals into a Lifesaving Mission

Alumna Christine Peters '10 harnesses her Becker Education and passion for horses

Christine Peters '10, Becker Alum Christine Peters ’10 made the decision to redefine her life and embark on a career path that originally began as one of her passions —a love for animals. As a kid, “I was the one in my family who was always bringing home an injured turtle or a bird that had fallen out of a nest to try to nurse them back to health,” Christine shares.

As an adult, Christine took up horseback riding as a hobby.  She now volunteers much of her time to the stable where she had been taking lessons, even helping to establish an equine rescue organization called Lucky Horse. The mission of Lucky Horse Equine Rescue is “to protect unwanted, abandoned, neglected or slaughter-bound horses by saving, caring for and rehabilitating these equines in need, as well as placing them in compatible, loving homes where they can lead contented and productive lives,” Christine explains.

At the age of forty-one, while working full-time as an IT team leader at Rohm & Haas (now Dow Chemical), Christine enrolled in Becker’s accelerated program to study business. With the marketing courses included in Becker’s business curriculum, Christine soon realized that the bachelor’s degree she would earn would not only further her success in her day job, but would also help her in marketing Lucky Horse to the community more effectively.

Due in part to Christine’s efforts in bringing awareness to the equine rescue mission, the Becker Equestrian Center has arranged to foster several of Lucky Horse’s rescues. The Equestrian Center will work with the horses during its lesson program. Christine was very excited to learn about Becker’s generous offer. “This is great for the horses because they are in a place where they are working and may have the chance of being adopted,” Christine shares. Becker students have also supported Lucky Horse’s mission by volunteering their time to assist with several fundraising events organized by Lucky Horse.

In addition to marketing Lucky Horse, Christine recently took over as their adoption coordinator, making her responsible for matching the right horse with the right family.  Becker’s equestrian coach, Trina Baker, appreciates the importance of Lucky Horse, not only to the horses and horse lovers, but to all who feel compassion towards animals. Baker said, “Lucky Horse gives animals a second chance.  Given these challenging economic times, there are many more horses than homes.  All of the volunteers are easy to work with, incredibly enthusiastic and committed to the mission of the organization.  They are all about doing the best thing for the animals they work with in making certain that there is a perfect fit between horse and owner, and are very careful about how they adopt out.”

Christine’s education at Becker helped to lay a foundation that has allowed her to succeed at something she loves — rescuing horses. Beyond her academic achievements, Christine also values the lasting friendships she has made at Becker.

Christine Peters considers herself to be very fortunate, as she has been able to put her passion into practice.  For more information, visit www.luckyhorse.org.

By Caitlin Visscher (Becker Bridges, Winter 2011, Vol. 5, No. 1)