Becker College Alumni Association

About us

Becker College has more than 20,000 alumni, many of whom demonstrate their generosity and commitment to the College each year through financial and volunteer contributions. The Becker College Alumni Community serves as both a network of chapters across the world and also as an umbrella organization for volunteer groups, including alumni interviews for admissions, class agents, and alumni business and career contacts.

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Meet our members!


Lauren Barry ’10, President

Alex Norton ’15, President-Elect

Eduardo Cabello ’15, Vice President

Debbie Aurelio ’17, Secretary

Brian Chambers ’10, Treasurer


Ryan Canuel ’15

Breanna Cuchara ’16

Kaitlyn Desrochers ’15, Head: Scholarship Committee

Ruth Dowgielewicz ’65, Honorary Lifetime Member

Jessica Grupposo ’11

Andrea Healy ’18

Johanna Hussey ’00, ’11, Past President

Brian Ingram ’14

Margaret Kimani ’21, Student Member

Racquel Knight ’18

Ina Lemon ’59, Honorary Lifetime Member

Donna McCance ’78

Sandra McGowan ’63

Michael McMahon ’20, Student Member

Rich Metellus ’15

Beth Potvin ’81

Edward Roberts ’88

Savannah Scarlett ’15

Gregory Weatherspoon ’05

Becker College Staff Member

Mary Maloney ’97, Director of Alumni Relations & Planned Giving