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FAQs: Parents & Families

Q: How do I know how my student is doing academically?

Following guidelines established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Becker College does not provide educational records to anyone other than the student without a signed consent waiver.

Q: Who can I speak with if I am concerned about how my student is doing?

Becker College expects students to take ownership of their education, so it is best for you to talk with your student first. Encourage your student to meet with their instructor at the first sign of academic concern. If the problem continues, there are a number of resources on campus that students can use for academic assistance, including the Collaborative Learning Center, which offers free tutoring to all students.

Q: Are students required to sign up for a meal plan?

All students living in housing are required to be on a 14 or 19 meal plan.  Students living in Spruce Hall and Houghton Hall may choose to be on a 5 or 10 meal plan, but are required to at least be on the 5 meal plan.

Q: Can students change their meal plans?

Meal plan changes are permitted during the first two weeks of each semester. Students will need to request a change with Dining Services staff on either campus.

Q: How can I mail a package to my student?

All mail for Becker College is received at the mail room on the Worcester Campus. This includes all letters and packages, no matter what delivery service is used. No deliveries are to be sent to the residence halls.  Regardless of which campus your student resides, all mail and deliveries should include their name and their Becker College box number, found below, using the following address:


Jane Doe
College Box #W123
Becker College
61 Sever St.
Worcester, MA 01609

*Please note: The letter preceding the box # indicates the campus the student lives on.  L (Leicester Campus);  W (Worcester Campus)

Package Notices

If an item that is too large for a student’s campus mailbox, the package will be held in the mail room and the student’s name will be posted on a bulletin outside of the mail room area. In the case of overnight deliveries or perishables, we also attempt to contact the student by phone.

Q: Can my student have a car on campus?

Yes. Every vehicle must have an automobile registration decal, which can be obtained through Becker College Campus Police.  When registering a vehicle, a student will need to bring his or her license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance for out-of-state cars.

Q: Who should I speak with if my student has a roommate conflict?

Learning to live with another person requires adjustments, patience, and good communication. Should your student experience a problem with his or her roommate, encourage your student to contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Residence life staff members work with students to resolve roommate issues. Visit the Residence Life page to learn more about this department.


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