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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What type of academic support does Becker College provide?

The Becker College Collaborative Learning Center is dedicated to helping students achieve their goal of academic success. The purpose of the Collaborative Learning Center is to provide appropriate academic assistance to all students. Centers are conveniently located on both the Worcester and Leicester campuses and provide one-on-one and group content tutoring, peer tutors, study skills instruction, and workshops.

Enrolling students who have an IEP/504 Plan should submit their documentation directly to Mary Lou Roberts, Director of the Collaborative Learning Center and ADA/Disability Services.

Q: What types of academic programs are offered by Becker College?

Becker College offers a wide range of programs, including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs as well as extensive online and evening offerings for adult learners. Becker College is a nationally recognized institution of higher education, renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovative programs in high-demand fields, particularly in animal science, business, design, education, and health sciences.

Q: How accessible are the faculty?

In addition to regular office hours, Becker College faculty members are available outside of class through mailboxes, voicemail, and email.

Visiting and Applying to Becker College

Q: What types of visit opportunities are available at Becker College?

The Office of Admissions provides campus tours and group information sessions throughout the year. Tours of both the Worcester and Leicester campuses are available each weekday and on select Saturdays. Tours are led by current Becker College students and take approximately one hour. Students and parents are also invited to attend one of the two fall open houses or the spring open house. Pre-registration for all campus events is required. For specific dates and times, please review a complete list of all events or call 508.373.9400.

Q: Are interviews required as part of the application process?

Interviews are not required but they are strongly recommended.  Interviews may be conducted on the day of your campus visit (pre-registration is required) or you may contact our office to schedule a separate interview time.  All applicants will be assigned their own individual admissions counselor and applicants are encouraged to meet their counselor.  Interviews can also be conducted via Skype or over the phone.  Visit our travel page to see when we will be in your area in order to arrange an off-campus interview.

Q: What standardized tests are required for applicants?

Becker College reviews both the SAT R and the ACT college entrance examinations.

Becker College has a test optional policy that allows students the choice of whether to submit their SAT or ACT scores in support of their admissions application. Applicants who do not chose to submit their test scores must have a cumulative GPA requirement of 2.0 or higher. Students are required to indicate at the time of application submission whether they will submit test scores. It is recommended that a student submit their scores if they believe it will enhance their overall application or qualifications. Please note, there are some exceptions to the test optional policy outlined below.

Vet Program (Vet-Tech or Pre-Vet): Students who are interested in applying for pre-vet or vet-tech must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher in order to go test flexible

Nursing Program (BSN): All nursing applicants (freshman, transfer, or current Becker students) must successfully complete either the ACT/SAT exam or the TEAS exam. Students who have an ACT composite score below 19 or SAT score below 900 on the SAT Critical Reading and Math sections, must take and score proficient or higher on the TEAS exam as part of their application. Note: scores are subject to change. SAT or ACT scores are required for freshman applicants.

** We recognize the changes in SAT/ACT administration since Spring 2020 due to COVID-19 have created challenges for students who wish to take or retake these examinations as part of their application process for Fall 2021. For first year (freshmen) students applying for Fall 2021 admission into the BSN nursing program during the 2020-2021 admission cycle, we have adopted an SAT/ACT optional policy. Students may submit scores, but they are not required.

All other majors: Applicants may choose the test flexible option if they meet the minimum GPA requirement.

The test flexible option is available for all students regardless of domestic or international student status. Please note: international students are still required to submit English Proficiency exam scores (TOEFL, IELTS) and recorded responses through a video feature provided within the application. Again, it is recommended that students submit their SAT or ACT scores to provide the college additional information while reviewing your application. For more information on international requirements, please click here.

Students who have received advanced placement or international baccalaureate examination scores are encouraged to submit those as well. In order to received college credit on the AP exam a minimum of a “4” is required in Math and Science, while a minimum score of a “3” is required in all other subject areas. A minimum of “4” is required on the higher level IB diploma examinations in order to be eligible for award of credit. Standard Level IB courses will not receive credit for exams.

Q: What is required for admission to Becker College?

The admissions process is personal and unique for each applicant. First-year students may review the application process on our high school student page.  Transfer students may review the application process on our transfer student page.

Q: What do I need to send in order to be considered for admission?

Students need to submit a completed application, official high school transcript including grades from the most current marking period and official SAT R or ACT test score results.  Students who have received a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) must forward an official score report.  Applicants applying as a transfer student must submit official college transcripts from each college attended.  Students may also submit an optional letter of recommendation which attests to the applicant’s individual qualifications. Becker College recognizes that all students are individuals and will consider each applicant’s personal strengths and achievements. Any other supporting materials that are submitted, including art portfolios and/or open-ended personal statements, will be considered.

Applicants who have an IEP and/or 504 Plan should not send any documentation until after the student has confirmed his/her intention to enroll by submitting the confirmation deposit.  At that point the student’s documentation can be sent directly to Mary Lou Roberts, Director of the Collaborative Learning Center and ADA/Disability Services.

Q: What are the Becker College application deadlines?

To review a complete breakdown of all deadlines please visit the application deadline page.

Q: I am returning to Becker College.  How do I apply?

Students who left Becker College as a full-time student within the last two years can contact the Registrar’s Office at 508.373.9700 in order to apply for reinstatement.

Students who last attended Becker College more than two years ago can reapply for admission at

Financial Aid

Q: How much does it cost to attend Becker College?

Tuition and fees for new undergraduate students for the 2018-2019 academic year are $39,475.  Room and board for the 2018-2019 academic year are $13,800.  Various programs charge additional fees.  A wide variety of financial aid is available for students.

Q: How do I apply for financial aid?

Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is available online at after October 1st.  Becker College’s school code is 002123.   The priority filing date is January 15th.  Aid will be awarded on a need-basis in the form of additional scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans.  Students will receive their financial aid package after they have submitted their FAFSA and have been officially admitted to the College.

Q: Does Becker College offer academic scholarships?

Students admitted to Becker College are eligible to receive a merit-based institutional scholarship based on academic achievement. The Office of Admissions will notify accepted students of these awards.  In addition to academic scholarships, Becker College offers many need-based grants.  Students must submit the FAFSA in order to be eligible for any need-based aid.

Student Life

Q: What is the difference between the Becker College Worcester and Leicester campuses?

Our Worcester Campus is located in an urban neighborhood situated in the Elm Park section of Worcester—a quiet area of tree-lined streets and lovely homes within walking distance of downtown. Our Leicester Campus is situated in a small New England town, rich in a history that pre-dates the American Revolution. Many of our students are drawn to one or the other campus, based on their preference for either an urban or a rural environment. Becker’s two campuses are linked via a convenient campus shuttle.  Students can expect to take classes on both campuses.  When visiting Becker College, we recommend touring both campuses to get a feel for your personal preference.

Q: What intercollegiate sports does Becker offer?

The Becker College Division III varsity teams for men include basketball, baseball, soccer, ice hockey, football, lacrosse, and equestrian. The women’s teams are field hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, softball, lacrosse, and equestrian.  Non-competitive cheerleading is also offered to all students.  Visit our athletics site for more information.

Q: What do Becker College students do for fun?

Becker College offers a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and activities,which are focused on academics, leadership, social events, service opportunities, and special interests. Some recent campus activities include musical entertainment (both local and national), comedy shows, philanthropic events, hypnotists, carnivals, movies, and trips. There are also varsity NCAA Division III athletics, wellness programming and recreational clubs.

Q: Is housing available for all four years?

Becker College offers on-campus housing.  However, due to high demand, students are strongly encouraged to follow all housing deadlines in order to receive campus housing.

Q: How many students attend Becker College?

Close to 1,700 students enroll annually at Becker College,  representing 30 states and 11 countries. Our size creates a friendly campus atmosphere, with one-to-one student-faculty interaction.

Q: Are the campuses safe?

The Becker College Campus Police Department actively patrols the campuses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Emergency call boxes are located throughout both campuses.

Q: Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus?

Yes, freshmen are allowed to have cars on campus. However, this policy is reviewed each year and is subject to change.