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Classroom interaction with Beth Greenberg and students. Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

The 60-credit Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling degree curriculum offers several enrollment options. Students can complete the program in 2 years (full-time) or 3 years (part-time). Through the B.A. to M.A. Program option, qualified Becker College undergraduate students can begin taking courses in the master’s program as early as the summer before their senior year. Upon successful completion of all B.A. to M.A. requirements, these students are awarded unconditional acceptance into the graduate program, and will require only 1 1/2 years to complete the Master of Arts degree curriculum.

Students are expected to begin the program during the summer of their first year. A cohort model is followed, with each class of students beginning the program together and taking the majority of courses in sequence together. Summer terms are offered in two 7-week sessions. Fall and Spring terms follow a traditional 15-week semester.

Students initially complete entry level courses that emphasize the foundations of counseling theory and basic counseling skill development. Beginning in the spring term of the first year, students select a track within the program in which to focus their coursework and training: Community Mental Health or School Consultation. Students also continue to enroll in courses that are required for all students, regardless of their track.

Becker Game DesignMaster of Fine Arts in Interactive Media

This rigorous 60-credit program is intended to prepare students for careers in the highly competitive and ever-changing field of game design. A Masters in Fine Art is a terminal degree in this field. The cornerstone of the MFA program at Becker College is Advanced Game Studio work, in which the student, under the direction of experienced mentors, completes an original interactive media project based on their own personal skill sets and vision. The MFA program may be completed in two years for students who hold a relevant BS/BA degree. Students enrolled in Becker College’s Game+ program will obtain both their BA and MFA in five years.

Courses will begin in the fall of 2018 with limited enrollment.


For questions regarding graduate admissions, please contact the School of Graduate & Professional Studies at 508.373.9500 or

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The mentorship I received taught me how to run a business and make valuable contacts within the industry…(Petricore is) very fortunate that we’ve gotten the amount of help that we did from Becker.

Ryan Canuel

Class of 2015, Co-founder and CEO of Petricore
Testimonials Background

All the administrators, faculty, students, and the president are dedicated to global citizenship. No matter your major, it's ingrained everywhere.

Amelia Karayianis

Class of 2016, Peace Corps volunteer to Togo & Huffington Post blogger
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New Dean Announced for School of Graduate & Professional Studies

Published on: November 15, 2018

Following an extensive national search, Becker College has announced that Mary Ellen Mahoney has been appointed Dean of the College’s School of Graduate & Professional Studies, effective November 2018. She will be the first Dean of Becker’s fifth school, which launched in July.

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Becker Esports Club to compete in Boston Uprising Collegiate Cup

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The Becker College Esports Club “Heatwave” and “Frostbite” Overwatch teams have been chosen to compete in the first-ever Boston Uprising Collegiate Cup. Overwatch is a team-based, multiplayer online game where players are assigned into two teams of six, with every player selecting from a roster of characters, each with a unique style of play. “Being part […]

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Sports Industry, Continual Learning lectures on Nov. 13

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Becker College has two lectures planned for Tuesday, Nov. 13. The first will highlight the power of continual learning, the second will focus on careers in the sports industry. Both are free and open to the public and both will be held in the Colleen C. Barrett Center, 80 William St., Worcester. Becker College Professor […]