How to Apply

  1. Review the two site profiles
  2. Download, print, and complete the Becker College Community Service Work Study application and additional forms. The form allows you to indicate which of the two agencies you prefer. While we cannot guarantee placement in your preferred agency, we can guarantee you will get one of them.
  3. Return all forms to Career Services (either campus) as soon as possible.
  4. Becker College will send your application to the agencies within one business day.
    *Important! Apply ASAP: It would be most advantageous to mail or fax your application materials prior to returning to campus.
  5. Within two weeks after submitting your application, you will receive a phone call or email from one of the agencies indicating your acceptance and inviting you to their site for an introductory appointment. If you do not receive notification within two weeks, contact Career Services at 508.373.9545.
  6. Prior to your introductory appointment, you need to obtain your work study paperwork and time sheets from the Office of Financial Aid.
  7. Bring the financial aid paperwork to the introductory appointment and make sure someone signs the supervisor lines on the forms. Return all paperwork to the Office of Financial Aid within one day of getting it signed.  If you do not return the form to the Office of Financial Aid, there will be a delay in processing your information and your first check will be delayed.