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Adam DeZago

Adam DeZago ’11

Bachelor’s degree in computer game development and design

Adam is one of the notable faces of the Becker College game design and development program. His work has served as a catalyst for the formation of the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI), providing supporting evidence to both the private and public sectors that Becker College students are the future of the gaming industry.

At the 2011 PAX East festival for tabletop, videogame, and PC gamers, Adam gained the attention of videogame companies and the media by creating IDA (Infection Detection Assistant), a series of mini mobile games integrated into the PAX East experience. In the games, players solved a variety of puzzles in search of a cure for an unknown contagion that had infected the public.

Adam and classmates Shaun Dutton and Torrey Kimball teamed up in the fall of 2010 on Race for the Ballot. The game allowed the public—including Mass High Tech’s Rodney Brown, WBUR’s Andrew Phelps, and former Mayor of Worcester Joseph O’Brien—to select a Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate and race that candidate on a track toward Beacon Hill, all while avoiding opposing candidates, red tape, and even pork barrel spending.

Adam has also developed games designed to teach home and street safety to grade school children as part of the University of Massachusetts Mobile Safety Unit.

As a student at Becker College, Adam twice won the Game Design and Development Academic Achievement Award, and was an Alpha Chi Inductee. He also served as a teaching assistant with Becker College Professor Teresa Ulm and was an African community education tutor.

The future is bright for Adam as he continues to make his mark on the gaming industry.

adam dezago

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