Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis

Study the science of behavior, both in individuals as well as within organizations or communities.

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Work closely with Becker faculty.

Work closely with Becker faculty.

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration

An applied behavior analyst studies the science of behavior, both in individuals as well as within organizations or communities. Such analysts work with individuals, families, health care facilities, industries and business, nonprofit and mental health agencies, and more, helping people improve or learn socially significant behavior.

The Becker College applied behavior analysis (ABA) concentration in the psychology program examines the design and application of learning theories and behavioral principles used to understand what motivates human behavior. Students gain skills necessary for working with children and adults diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and assisting certified behavior analysts, who conduct research or create behavior modification programs. Through detailed course work, case study analysis, and field experience, students acquire expertise needed to work in a variety of settings, including group homes, schools, mental health agencies, hospitals, and other agencies working with individuals requiring adaptive living strategies.

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Learning Outcomes:

Students will apply developmental theory and theories of professional practice (counseling or education) and explore the ethical issues related to their concentration of study.

Students will apply basic research methodology to their fields of study: asking questions, gathering information, constructing hypotheses, collecting data, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and communicating results.

Students will evidence written and oral communication skills in a variety of formats including, but not limited to, essay, research report, debate, group discussion, and teaching.

Students will gain experience in their selected professional fields as part of an internship or practicum.

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