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Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Youth Education

This curriculum plan reflects changes implemented in the 2016-17 catalog year

Freshman Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
PSYC1002 Developmental Child Psychology 3 PSYC1001 Introduction to Psychology 3
EDUC1010 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3 EDUC1004 Experiences in ECE Curriculum 4
EDUC1201 Arts in Education 3 MATH1200 College Algebra 3
SOCI1001 Introduction to Sociology 3 CORE-ENGL The New Normal: Exploring Unstructured Problems 3
CORE1001 Managing Transitions: Change as a Norm 3 History Elective 3
15 16

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
EDUC2203 Diverse Learners in the Classroom 3 PSYC2105 Social Psychology 3
EDUC1001 Behavior and the Young Child 3 PSYC2203 Understanding Diversity 3
ENGL1003 Writing About Literature 3 ENGL1006 Children’s Literature 3
EDUC2405 Observing, Documenting and Assessing Children 3 CORE2003 Needfinding: Uncovering Opportunity in Human Need 3
Science Elective w/Lab 4 Science Elective w/Lab  4
16 16

 Junior Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
EDUC2004 Administering and Evaluating Quality Programs for Young Children and Youth 3 EDUC3203 Math, Science and Technology for Young Children 3
EDUC2500 Practicum I 6 ENGL2102 Advanced Composition 3
EDUC3101 Foundations of Literacy 3 ENGL2003 Public Speaking 3
MATH2200 Statistics 3 SOCI2400 Social Problems 3
CORE3004 Entrepreneurial Mindset: Creating & Capturing Value 3
15 15

Senior Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
EDUC3500 Practicum II 6 EDUC4100 Early Childhood Capstone 3
PSYC3200 Psychology of Family 3 CORE4005 Agile Mindset Capstone 3
PSYC3400 Abnormal Psychology 3 Humanities or Social Science Elective 3
Global Awareness and Diversity Elective 3 Open Elective 3
15 12
Total Credits: 120

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