Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Policing-Law Enforcement Concentration

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the protective services/policing fields—such as crime prevention, crime control, and investigations—are projected to grow by 11% by 2020. Career options include work on the federal, state, or local level in a wide range of law enforcement/policing options.

Law enforcement is an ever-changing challenge requiring analysis, problem solving skills, technology skills, and community relations.  This concentration prepares students to protect and serve communities through courses that focus on learning fundamental standards, strategic procedures, and leadership principles critical to the profession in the 21st century.  The incidents that professionals in law enforcement are called upon to prevent, investigate, and control are more complex than ever before, particularly in the face of public scrutiny and the expectation of higher standards of performance.  The inclusion of a criminal justice internship experience can be shaped to meet the needs of students to meet their academic and professional goals.

The policing/law enforcement concentration provides students with an overview of law enforcement as well as the criminal justice system, criminal law, corrections systems, and more. Students selecting this concentration will benefit from courses that enhance their communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills in ways that will be relevant to a policing career.

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Learning Outcomes:

Students will acquire strong composition skills necessary for the preparation of extensive report writing to be used in documenting activities to be submitted as evidence during criminal investigation and in court.

Students will be prepared for real-world experience specific and applicable to their policing duties.

Critical thinking and analytical skills will be enhanced to properly interview, interrogate, gather, and organize evidence.

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