Melvin Booker '14

Bachelor's degree in criminal justice

criminal justice major Melvin BookerGrowing up in a rough Roxbury, Mass., neighborhood wasn’t an ideal environment for Melvin Booker, a criminal justice major at Becker College. He strives to address his past by changing his old neighborhood’s future.  He’s served on the Committee on Violence Prevention in Dorchester and Roxbury. He’s interned with Mayor Menino and worked on the Mayor’s Youth Council.

“I want someday to be a [District Attorney.] I grew up in a rough neighborhood and wanted to change it. I want to find a process where I can set the record straight. I want to show others it’s possible to do something great.”

His involvement in the community has made others take notice. He was selected for an internship with John Hancock over 40 other applicants.

Melvin's other passion is football, a game in which he excels. He has only played for three years, learning his first form tackle at Boston English. But he has quickly fallen for the sport and its lessons of discipline, respect and trust. Football has taught Melvin to ask himself valuable questions. What’s expected of me and how am I meeting those expectations?

Off the field, Melvin is setting high standards for himself and his community. As a member of the Student Activities Club, he is ensuring that each Becker student recognizes the possibilities of the greater Becker and Worcester communities. With First Year Experience, he provides insight and counsel to the future leaders of the College. In the Gateway Program, he aids in creating the framework for students to thrive academically. On most weekends and during the summer months, he volunteers at basketball tournaments.

“Being a mentor means having an open ear,” said Melvin. “A mentor listens and that helps figure out the answer to problems. The majority of people can find their own path, but you can solve a problem better with a little guidance.”

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