Game Demos

Becker College, the #4 best school in the world to study game design, will be showcasing PermaDeath, the first-ever video game opera, and other upcoming game titles at PAX East 2018. Stop by booth #10058 to play and experience our games, and see firsthand why Becker’s Interactive Media Design major is internationally acclaimed. The booth will be manned by students and instructors of the program so visitors can directly engage with the games’ creators. In addition to giveaways and raffles, visitors will also have a chance to learn more about Becker’s newly launched Master in Fine Arts in Interactive Media. A program representative will be on hand to review portfolios and discuss admission. Plus, experts from the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) at Becker and the creators of PermaDeath will participate on panels about the booming popularity of collegiate esports, the value of a game design education, and the making of the world’s first video game opera.

Here is a list of what you’ll find at the Becker booth, and a demo schedule:

PermaDeath (Permanent Death), a collaboration between White Snake Productions, Becker College and Rhode Island School of Design – is a fictional video game populated mainly by figures from Greek mythology. In it, your avatar is killed, but rises again to fight another game. But what if it never rises again? Watch the gods of the 21st century – our digital avatars – battle it out in cyber space in an epic operatic fight to the death. Created by using real-time technologies, augmented reality, and facial motion capture, PermaDeath will premiere at Boston’s Cutler Majestic Theater, September 27-29, 2018.

Puzzle Hamster VR is a playful new virtual reality experience coming to Vive and Oculus Rift this spring, developed by students in Becker Game Studio 2017-2018. Explore, solve puzzles, and try to escape your cage through the eyes of a furry friend!

WatchOut! is a suspenseful 3D puzzle game created by Becker Game Studio students utilizing the innovative Tobii Eye Tracking hardware so that players are able to control their movements in the game with their eyes!

The Machine AR is a new puzzle solving adventure developed by Becker Game Studio students for the Microsoft Hololens. The Hololens is a mixed-reality device that allows for virtual environments and assets to blend into your actual surroundings. Can you solve the puzzles and fix the mysterious machine?
Jaywalker is an interactive mixed-reality experience developed for the Microsoft Hololens, in which the player is dropped in the middle of a holographic highway and must move around in real physical space to dodge oncoming virtual traffic.

Mystria is a VR ambient game of exploration, discovery, and music creation, wherein the player interacts with the environment to perform composed and improvised musical sequences. Using VirZoom, which utilizes the Vive hardware and the Zoom bicycle peripheral, players control their immersive environment.

Tour de Death is a VR exergame utilizing the VirZoom bicycle controller, wherein the player must cycle through a post-apocalyptic cityscape dodging, shooting, and jumping over hostile zombies.