Becker College Game Changer Consultation

We hope you are as excited as we are to embark on this adventure! Here is a general outline to help us optimize the process, and please see our Case Studies, to view examples of serious games created by Becker College students.

Please  email . Adding Game Changer to the subject will help to ensure it is not held up by filtering — but is not required. Tell us the broad goal of your project and send us links to any examples or any of your organization’s material that you think will help us to better understand you and your project. Please be aware that we are semester-based and therefore communication may be delayed over winter break.

4 things to know BEFORE you contact us:

  1. You know you want an interactive element for your organization.
  2. You know what the broad goal of the piece should be, i.e. one of these
    • increase awareness of your cause
    • drive website and/or social media traffic
    • encourage donors and/or volunteers
    • advocate for your organization
    • help develop a solution to an issue
  3. You have identified someone[s], or know that you can identify someone[s], from your organization to act as the main point of contact for the college and prospective interns.
  4. You are comfortable communicating in person, via phone, through email, and/or with instant messaging [such as Google Chat] regarding the project — this is important because scheduling can be challenging when a number of individuals are attempting to collaborate, and it is often easier and faster if the mode of communication is flexible.

4 things to expect AFTER you contact us:

  1. We will contact you via email to schedule a one on one consultation in person, via phone, through email or with instant messaging.
  2. We will discuss where you are with the project.
  3. We will get the ball rolling to place an intern or two with you, and we can help you locate an appropriate interns[s] and/or enter your positions in our school wide database.
  4. We will be your point of contact here at Becker.