Watch Becker Design Demo Reel Now!

Watch Becker Design Demo Reel Now!

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Be recognized

Be recognized

Game design student William Parker earned a place among the top three Boston RAWArtists of 2013.

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Nathen Casimiro '14, Interactive Media Design

Nathen Casimiro '14, Interactive Media Design

“It’s knowing what conditions you like to work in,” said Nathen. “When I had a better understanding about that, I started looking for a game design program like the one at Becker.”

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Student IGDA Chapter

Student IGDA Chapter

Visit the site for Becker's active student chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

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Adam DeZago '11, Interactive Media Design

Adam DeZago '11, Interactive Media Design

Adam is one of the notable faces of the Becker College game design and development program...

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Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design

Becker College has been called “a destination for game designers” by U.S. News and World Report. Becker College has been consistently ranked by The Princeton Review for the past eight years as a top undergraduate school to study game design–#5 in the world in 2016; our game design and game development and programming majors are among the most innovative and best in the nation.

The video game industry represents $93 billion in worldwide sales, and expects to reach $111 billion by 2015; surpassing previous projections. This rapid growth has created a high demand for well-trained interactive media designers, who create visual graphics that allow user participation on a variety of electronic media—websites, games, cell phone applications, and more. Modern video games have also transitioned beyond entertainment into a wide array of other intersecting industries, leading to employment at companies developing health care, education, and training software.

In addition, Becker College is home to the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI), a statewide institute representing a strong partnership between the digital games industry, academia, and the public sector. Massachusetts represents the fourth largest video game industry cluster in the U.S., which presents tremendous employment opportunities for Becker College graduates. Community internships for Becker College video game development students provide valuable portfolio experience. To date, Becker College student-created games are in use by the UMass Medical School-City of Worcester Mobile Safety Street Bus, Old Sturbridge Village, the Danforth Museum, and others.

Students choose from four interactive media design program concentrations: game arts, game development and programming game production and management or game design. Game development and programming focuses on the technical aspects of game development, while the game design concentration focuses on the scheme of the project. Students use the most industry-current technology, including a high-performance computer lab, a six-camera video motion capture system, a full range of 3D design software, and more.

The Becker Difference – Game V2.0

Game Studio / Live Studio

The centerpiece of the Becker College Interactive Media Design degree program V2.0 is the studio experience built into the curriculum.  All students are required to complete six semesters of the Game Studio and have the option of using program electives to take advanced Live Studio courses.  These are described below.

Game Studio and Live Studio represent Becker College curricula which concentrate on the development, iteration and launch components of interactive media property development.

Game Studio

Students work in teams, across interactive disciplines (programming, design, art asset creation, and production), and across experience levels, (sophomore, junior, senior), to develop video games of publishable quality. Students may work on the same teams and on the same or new game projects from semester to semester. Student assignments to game projects are made by faculty as part of the course registration process. Students are required to complete at least 18 credits of Game Studio to be eligible for graduation.

Live Studio

Students work in teams on existing, externally supported projects through Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) or other partners. Live Studio teams represent students from all the interactive disciplines (programming, design, art asset creation, and production), and all experience levels, (second semester freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior), and may include individuals from industry or from other colleges. Student eligibility for participation in Live Studio projects is based on the attainment of advanced game development skill sets commensurate with honors-level academic performance. Students may work on the same different teams and on the same or new game projects from semester to semester. Eligible students are required to submit an on-line application well in advance of the semester registration deadline each semester they are interested in taking the course;  Faculty will select eligible students and register them for sections of Live Studio.  Teams are then assigned based on consultation between faculty and MassDiGI/other partners. The 3-credit Live Studio course may be used by students to meet their Interactive Media and/or Open elective requirements. Students may take and get credit for multiple instances of Live Studio during their undergraduate career at Becker. Live Studio courses may not be used to fulfill Game Studio credit. Faculty and/or approval of the Dean/Associate Dean of the School of Design and Technology are required for participation.

FAQ – Game Studio & Live Studio

What are the main differences between Game Studio and Live Studio classes?

Are both Game Studio and Live Studio classes required for graduation?

May I register for more than one section of Game Studio or Live Studio in the same semester?

When do I register for Game and Live Studio?

How do I register for Game and Live Studio classes?

Can I use Live Studio classes to meet by Game Studio graduation requirement?

Can I take additional Game Studio classes to meet IMD or Open elective requirements?

Am I allowed to choose my role on a game development team in Game and Live Studio classes?

Can I choose my own teammates in Game and Live Studio classes? Can I choose which games I work on?

How can I work on developing my own game?

Who owns the intellectual property (IP) of the games I work on in Game Studio and Live Studio?

Are all the games developed in Game and Live Studio entertainment-based?

Can I work on the same game on the same team over multiple semesters?

How much time will I spending working on my game projects in Game Studio and Live Studio?

If I started my degree at Becker prior to Fall 2017, can I still get Game Studio credit for Live Studio classes I take?

Game Studio – Live Studio Comparison


Feature Game Studio Live Studio
Work in student development teams on real games of publishable quality.  ♦   ♦
Work with Mass DiGI in conjunction with faculty.  ♦
Meets Game Studio graduation requirement.   ♦
Work on existing properties concentrating on iteration and launch of commercially viable applications.   ♦
Work on faculty-, third party-, and student- sponsored projects.   ♦
Opportunity to work on your own “Green-Lit” project, with your own team.   ♦
Work alongside industry professionals.   ♦   ♦
Use industry-standard hardware and software tools for development, versioning and analytical modeling.   ♦   ♦
May meet internship requirement.   ♦
Development with full commercial stack   ♦   ♦
Work on pre-production of games   ♦   ♦
Performance reviews in addition to grade   ♦   ♦
May be taken multiple times in the same semester.   ♦   ♦
Work on new properties with emphasis on the entire game design and development process from ideation to launch   ♦
Opportunity for exploration of a wide variety of research and non-commercial game applications.   ♦
Opportunity for student ownership of intellectual property.   ♦
Requires pre-registration each semester.   ♦   ♦
Requires a special application and faculty/dean reference each semester.   ♦
Opportunity to earn a spot in the credits of published games and produce high quality portfolio worthy materials.   ♦   ♦
Opportunity to network with game companies for potential internship and employment situations.   ♦   ♦
Opportunity to plug into Mass DiGI industry network as well as advance notice and potential to attend Mass DiGI-sponsored events.   ♦
One-on-one career mentorship and portfolio evaluation by Mass DiGI staff.   ♦



Learning Outcomes:

Develop industry skills in operating computer game development tools and assessing their advantages and disadvantages

Use theoretical concepts and perspectives to explain and evaluate the development of games in various settings

Critically evaluate various approaches to game design and identify the elements that are likely to make for effective games

Design or engineer prototypes of computer games for a variety of environments

Effective collaborative strategies including components of the Agile Mindset

To learn more about the Becker College interactive media design program, call 877.523.2537 or email

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