Jerry Fillipinas '11, Management

Jerry Fillipinas '11, Management

"Everything I’ve learned during my time at Becker College has helped me to grow personally and professionally.”

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Management Concentration

Any business or organization, no matter its size, thrives best when employees are highly functional and operate efficiently. This requires effective managers, who provide the oversight, guidance, and leadership needed to inspire others to do their best. Management positions exist at all levels within an organization—in administration, marketing, finance, human resources, sales, and more.

The Becker College management concentration in the business administration program help students develop effective communication, planning, and problem solving skills, as well as expertise in project and team management. Students learn how organizations formulate strategies, set goals and objectives, implement plans, and measure results. Instruction on how to manage projects and teams, market products and services, prepare accounting and financial statements, and evaluate a company’s financial health is also provided. The management concentration also offers a variety of elective courses and a senior-year career internship experience.

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Learning Outcomes:


Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication including informed arguments, persuasion, synthesize complex data and concepts.


Students will demonstrate comfort with and ability to effectively operate in: ambiguity, complexity, uncertainty and change. Students will be adept at situational awareness.  Students will understand the historical context of their culture and they will view the world from a global lens acknowledging the diversity of cultures and values.  Students will demonstrate propositional thinking; they will test and iterate on ideas/solutions based upon feedback and learn from their own failures.


Students will use quantitative and analytical methods to address unstructured business problems.


Students will demonstrate ability to evaluate decisions based on an awareness of relevant stakeholders in the creation of sustainable social, environmental, and economic value.


Students will demonstrate mastery of various thinking modes, notably analytic, synthetic, convergent, divergent, creative, and critical, and when to employ each type.  Student will demonstrate awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and will seek continual improvements. Student will demonstrate both self and social awareness and management to effectively play various roles on an interdisciplinary team from leader to contributor to participant (role fluidity). These skills are essential for all leadership and management roles.


Students will identify, create, shape, and capture value through understanding economic models and the reality of industry disruption cycles.

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