LinkUP Mentors

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Becker College encourages individuals with at least five years of professional experience to participate in LinkUP. Becker College Alumni are welcome and encouraged to apply. A range of professional roles and industry backgrounds are welcome and needed. Former student-athletes, sports management majors, sports marketing majors, or those with experience in the sports or event marketing industries are strongly encouraged to apply. Through an application review process (simple online form), each student’s interests will be reviewed, and mentor matches will be made to provide relationships based on mutual interests and/or experience areas.


Mentors commit for one academic year (two five-month semesters) and agree to communicate with the mentee at least four to five hours per semester (one hour per month). Face-to-face meetings, whenever possible, are highly encouraged.

Application and Onboarding

Mentors submit a simple online application to facilitate an optimal mentor-mentee fit. Mentors engage in a 30-minute orientation webinar (offered three times each semester for mentor convenience). Mentors will communicate with the mentor coordinator as needed and will confirm/approve the final report submitted by the mentee to the mentor coordinator.

DOs and DON’Ts

Mentor DOs

  • Set aside time for the mentoring process, honor all appointments, and be flexible on meeting times and places.
  • Respond to emails from your mentee in a timely manner. Contact the mentor program coordinator if you have any challenges communicating with your mentee.
  • Establish open and honest communication and a forum for idea exchange through which you can provide honest feedback.
  • Foster creativity and independence. Help build self-confidence and offer encouragement.
  • Above all, LISTEN.

Mentor DON'Ts

  • Try to give advice on everything.
  • Encourage your mentee to be totally dependent upon you. Mentors are a source of feedback and insight, but are not intended to be a career counselor or life coach.
  • Provide your personal history, problems, animosities, successes, failures, etc., unless they are constructive contributions to the mentees.
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