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About LinkUP Mentoring

The Becker Business Mentoring program, Link Undergraduates to Professionals (LinkUP), is co-sponsored by the Business Department, the Center for Career Education, and the Becker College Alumni Association.

LinkUP matches Becker business majors with a professional within their industry of interest to consult one-on-one for insights about the nature and changing shape of their profession and to receive guidance on how to gain the skills and experience to enter their chosen field.

LinkUP is designed to augment, but not replace, the student’s academic advisor. The academic advisor helps the student with course selection and scheduling for satisfactory degree completion. The business mentor provides the industry view and insights into combining curricular and co-curricular program knowledge and skills to best position the student for career success.

Philosophy of LinkUP

Aligned with our Agile Mindset institutional ethos, our business program focuses on value creation, change as a norm, and navigating the constant cycles of industry disruption.

Value is created by networks of entrepreneurial individuals. An essential part of business education today is the creation, cultivation, and maintenance of a professional network. Today millenials make up the largest generational segment of the workforce; by 2025, they will constitute more than 75% of the workforce.

LinkUP affords executives a view into the vision, values, and perspectives of the millenial generation as they form their career strategy. The goal of the LinkUP program is to provide both mentors and mentees with an opportunity to form a productive alliance towards building and strengthening the workforce of the future.

Conversation Topic Suggestions for LinkUP Participants

  • Networking strategy
  • Building a mutually supportive relationship with peers and co-workers
  • Presentation skills, communication protocol, and professional etiquette
  • Career pathways and strategies
  • Life goals

Articles of Interest & Resources

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For more information please contact:

Dr. Vaughn A. Calhoun
Assistant Professor, Business & Sport Management
Coordinator – LinkUP Mentoring Program
Becker College
School of Business
56 Williams Street
Worcester, MA 01609

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