Business Curriculum

The world is rapidly changing, posing a new and challenging reality for those who desire professions in a range of industries. Routine and repetitive tasks are being replaced by automation or becoming robotized. As a result, work tasks are changing. The proliferation of social mobile technology, cashless payment systems, and transparent rating systems has given rise to a collaborative or on-demand economy. As a result, jobs are changing. More than a third of the current workforce is contingent—a reflection of the rise of a “freelance nation.” As a result, the management of talent is different. Companies are forming, scaling, and being disrupted in faster cycles than in anytime in human history. As a result, companies are different.

Because companies are different, work is different, jobs are different, and talent management are different, so too must a business education must be different to fully prepare students for the world of work today—and tomorrow. At Becker College, our business degree prepares you for this new reality through an approach that focuses on learning over knowing. Students develop not only knowledge, but also the skills of the agile mindset. Concentrations in data science, management, marketing, equine management, and sports management further provide students with a broad focus to be successful in the ever-evolving global market.

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