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In our rapidly changing world, we are preparing graduates for jobs that do not yet exist and to solve problems we have yet to identify. Becker College thinks differently about teaching business. We prepare you to create value; for your future employers and for yourself.

(M= Major, c= concentration, minor= minor, s= specialization) *no longer accepting students.

Learning Outcomes:


Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication including informed arguments, persuasion, synthesize complex data and concepts.


Students will demonstrate comfort with and ability to effectively operate in: ambiguity, complexity, uncertainty and change. Students will be adept at situational awareness.  Students will understand the historical context of their culture and they will view the world from a global lens acknowledging the diversity of cultures and values.  Students will demonstrate propositional thinking; they will test and iterate on ideas/solutions based upon feedback and learn from their own failures.


Students will use quantitative and analytical methods to address unstructured business problems.


Students will demonstrate ability to evaluate decisions based on an awareness of relevant stakeholders in the creation of sustainable social, environmental, and economic value.


Students will demonstrate mastery of various thinking modes, notably analytic, synthetic, convergent, divergent, creative, and critical, and when to employ each type.  Student will demonstrate awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and will seek continual improvements. Student will demonstrate both self and social awareness and management to effectively play various roles on an interdisciplinary team from leader to contributor to participant (role fluidity). These skills are essential for all leadership and management roles.


Students will identify, create, shape, and capture value through understanding economic models and the reality of industry disruption cycles

Internships (Industry Engagements)

The Becker Business Programs have industry experience in the DNA. Students have the opportunity to intern at a variety of companies from Hanover Insurance to Fidelity Investments to working on the launch of digital games through the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI). Search for internships on the Becker Connector—a resource from the Becker College Center for Career Education.

Meet Our Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

10 Vaughn Calhoun 120 x 180Vaughn A. Calhoun, Ed.D.
Director of Business Programs & Assistant Professor
Division: Business

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Christopher Ryan, M.B.A, M.A., C.P.A.
Instructor of Business
Division: Business

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Charles TweedlyCharles Tweedly, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Business
Division: Business

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Adjunct Faculty and Staff

Joseph CJoe-Cussonusson
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing and Management
Division: Business

LoriJones_02[1]Lorraine Jones
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing and Management
Division: Business

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Christine KellerChristine Keller
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing and Management
Division: Business

Dennis O'BrienDennis O'Brien
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing and Management
Division: Business

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Tony PriceTony Price
Adjunct Faculty, Athletics Administrator
Division: Business

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Kristine RaineyKristin Rainey
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing and Management
Division: Business

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David ThropeDavid Thrope
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing and Management
Division: Business

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Andrew ZawadaAndrew Zawada
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing and Management
Division: Business


Online and Professional Options

The accelerated bachelor of science degree program in business administration (BSBA), with a management concentration, is designed for the working adult who is looking to advance their career. Class time is spent studying ‘real work’ environments, examining case studies, and participating in work simulations, team projects and breakout sessions. This approach is designed to provide the BSBA candidate with the strategic, managerial, leadership and change management skills essential for today’s dynamic business workplace.

Professional Development

The Becker business programs offer a number of professional development opportunities for students.  Additional leadership and professional development opportunities are available through Student Activities.

BUILD (Business Undergraduate Innovation Leadership Development)

The BUILD Program selects the most promising entering business students for both academic scholarship and the opportunity to attend a number of special events that afford high-level networking and insights into the fast-paced world of business. These events include corporate visits, power breakfasts with CEOs, sports general managers, political leaders, and leadership development events with professional sports team executives and other regional colleges.


Success Stories

Jen Branstetter ’10, Animal Care; Business
Have you ever wondered where canines used in law enforcement programs come from? Jen Branstetter ’10 can tell you—she uses her associate’s degree in animal care and bachelor’s degree in business from Becker College in her career training dogs for patrol, detection, or personal protection.

Adam Schmaelzle ’10, Business Administration & Management
Adam Schmaelzle ’10 always knew he wanted to own his own business, and with the help of his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Becker College, he now runs his own law practice in Worcester, Mass.

Untitled-2Petricore: Becker College Graduates Incorporate
Ryan Canuel ’15 has been a gamer since he was young, and that love of games has landed the recent Becker College graduate at the helm of one of Worcester’s newest and most buzzed-about gaming start-ups.

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Student Activities

About 75% of Becker College men and women participate in athletics. The College’s varsity teams qualify for conference post-season tournaments, and more than one-third of student-athletes are annually recognized for achieving a GPA of 3.0 or higher. And there’s so much more going on at Becker. Among the many student clubs and organizations are:  Black Student Union/ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, Native American), Campus Activities Board, Dance Club/Team, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), IGDA (International Game Developers Association), Mazunte Turtle Project Club, ONE Campus, Ski & Snowboard Club, and more!

To learn about upcoming athletics, academic events and student activities visit the events calendar website.

Business Curriculum

Becker College has been widely recognized for innovative, entrepreneurial educational programs. The world is rapidly changing. Companies are forming, scaling, and being disrupted in faster cycles than in any time in human history.

The Becker business curriculum assumes these cycles of disruption and challenges each student to develop an Agile Mindset and an entrepreneurial outlook. Our program is a concentrated set of transdisciplinary, hands-on courses that teach concepts and tools through real-world cases.

Our 120-credit program includes a 42-credit business core and 36 credits of open business and free electives—facilitating transfer students with plenty of flexibility.

Click here to learn more about transferring to Becker.

Our broad-based curriculum, dedicated faculty, and community outreach programs prepare students to become life-long learners and global citizens.

Playing sports while studying Sports Management taught me to brush off the bad days and not get down on myself. In the sales industry, you hear the word ‘no’ often, and there are many days when you don’t perform as well as you would like. It’s similar to sports; even if you make a bad play or lose a game, you have to keep going and fighting for your goals. It is no surprise that a lot of business leaders are former athletes.
Alycia Dery ’15, Sport Management